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By submitting this form you indicate your agreement with the SAMPEO Mission Statement and the SAMPEO Code of Conduct as set out below:

The founding members of SAMPEO reserve the right to terminate any membership should the code of conduct be found to have been breached in any manner whatsoever, as of the date of signatory declaration of acceptance of the code of conduct by the aforementioned member.

SAMPEO Mission Statement

1. To strive for the highest standards of responsible conduct whilst in the field. These standards may be higher than any required by law.
2. To promote and support conservation by responsible and sustainable hunting. At no time should hunting be detrimental to the conservation status of any wildlife species.
3. To keep the traditions of “fair chase” hunting alive, while acting in a responsible manner towards wildlife.
4. To influence other professional hunters and hunting outfitters so as to uplift the standards and integrity of all hunting.
5. To influence policy makers and the general public as to the positive role hunting can make to conservation, rural livelihoods, job creation, food security.

SAMPEO Code of conduct in the field

1. We will represent ourselves in an honest manner to clients, landowners and industry role players and will exhibit the highest levels of integrity in our business dealings with them.
2. We will not let material gain supersede the principles of fair chase.
3. We will not hunt any captive bred lion unless they have been successfully re-established in the wild and are self-sustaining on natural prey.
4. We will not conduct any hunting of a captive bred or intensively bred animal, until they have become self-sustained and acclimated in a wild life habitat.
5. We will not partake in “put and take” hunting.
6. We will not hunt human imprinted animals.
7. We will not hunt any animal that is marketed by catalogue.